Curo is an employee wellbeing platform that supports people to juggle work and care

1 in 4 people work and look after a family member, friend or neighbour.

We empower carers to proactively manage their wellbeing and thrive at work.

Juggling work and care is hard for you and your employees


of carers report feelings of loneliness and isolation impacting their ability to engage at work

1 in 5

carers leave work to care full time

It can cost up to


of your employee's salary to rehire and retrain employees who choose to leave your business


How it works

Caring Community

Crowdsourced Q&A connecting carers to knowledge, resources and tips.

Expert Support

Carer coaches and counsellors providing extra guidance and resources.

1:1 Matching

Connecting carers with other carers who are most similar to them to access both practical and emotional support.




All-in-one solution

Experts, guidance and carer tips easily integrated into your employee wellbeing portfolio.


A carer positive workplace

By supporting your carers, you retain experienced workers, reduce absences and attract new talent.


Caring for your carers

Stressing less about home life, means carers stress less in work.



"Staff have benefitted hugely from the support that Curo offer, especially during such a challenging time for many colleagues"

Henry Aldridge
Working Families Lead

The Confederation of British Industry





of our carers say they can better juggle work and care.


of our carers say they feel more supported by their employer.



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Or, if you are a carer, tell us about how you want your company to support you with Curo. 

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