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Community Guidelines

We want this to be a welcome, safe and inclusive space. With this in mind, we have community guidelines to outline what we do and don’t allow on Curo. 
If you have any questions, concerns, feedback or want to chat, you can contact us on

Be nice and respectful to each other

Treat everyone how you would like to be treated. We do not tolerate any illegal activity, harassment or hateful conduct, sexual content or spam. Please respect other people’s experiences, and that they may not reflect or align with yours. We can learn a lot from each other, but also know that not everyone’s options are the same, or applicable to you.

Promoting a safe and confidential space

Keeping your information safe and private is important to us - you can read more in our data and privacy policy.  We want the Curo Community to be a safe space for carers to share and connect. Please respect the privacy of other people on the platform, and not share other people’s information without their explicit permission.

We share wisdom and experiences, not legal advice

Whilst we know that carers get a lot of value from sharing their own and hearing the experience of others, the information shared in the Curo Community doesn’t constitute legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances. We can’t assume responsibility and don’t accept liability for any damage or loss which may arise as a result of your reliance upon it. For anything important, we recommend reaching out to a professional for personal advice.

Our policy is to keep intervention to a minimum and let the conversation flow. That said, we're also here to make carers' lives easier, so where necessary, we will use our discretion to delete posts (or remove users) if it seems to us that doing so is in keeping with this aim. Please bear in mind how difficult caring can be, and if there's one thing all of us could do with, it's some moral support.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this cookie policy, please contact us at

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