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Caring for loved ones during Covid-19

Caring for a loved one is tough enough let alone caring during the Covid-19 crisis. Here is Curo’s responses to a few common carer questions:

1. Not living with your cared for? Given the current climate seeing your loved one may be hard. Try Facetime, whatsapp calling or go old school and write a letter.

2. Living with someone with dementia? Routine can be a big settler for those suffering with dementia. Perhaps schedule in a walk at the same time every day, meals served at the same time or schedule certain times for watching television. For extra support perhaps try Admiral Dementia Helpline 0800 888 6678 or send an email to

3. Bored at home? Wellbeing is important now than ever. Therefore ensuring you and your loved one are occupied and distracted is essential. How about puzzles, cooking, gardening or even perhaps learning new things (check out and, there are tonnes of free courses from ‘Building a future with robots’ to ‘ The Tudors’ )

4. Running out of essentials and you can’t leave as you or your cared for are vulnerable? Register online here : or call 0800 028 8327, the government’s new dedicated helpline. Here you can get help with delivery of food essentials as well as other support you may need.

5. Need someone to talk to? Try Carer Direct — 0300 123 1053 or Carers UK — 0800 808 7777, or find contact details of your local carers centre here:…/Carer%20centres%20a…/LocationSearch/371

Have other questions? Chat with us through our website and our community of specialists will help.

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